Sekure Nation

I came into my old coworker's IT and Cybersecurity company with the intention of helping him grow the brand. Shortly after I joined his team he decided to pivot towards educational services and hold coding bootcamps. I used what I knew intuitively about digital marketing to help. This resulted in a 1200% in his website's traffic within the first month. He was so pleased with the results that he referred me to other local business owners and thus my journey as a digital marketer began. (June 2020, no longer active)

JDB Media is the first site I created after creating the LLC

Artists At Work

Henry of AAW was my Second client. As a consignment shop owner, he was receiving more inventory from his artists than he could sell, and he wasn't interested in a social media campaign. I connected him to other local shops and introduced the idea of collection releases. Which helped him tremendously with inventory management

Combat Core Fitness

Combat Core Fitness is a veteran-owned fitness apparel brand and the founder has huge aspirations to make it appeal to the masses as a casual wear brand, similar to Nike. We have been coming up with promotional campaigns and have been implementing organic social media strategies to boost awareness of the brand.


The owner of Duxior Needed help with brand and logo development, and web design. We are working on revisions to the website and social media strategy.

Barker Contracting Inc.

Barker needed a new website and SEO services, so I provided them.

Wonder Restoration

I supported the founder of Wonder through his rebranding and created a new website for his company from scratch. Together we've been figuring out the ins and outs of his specific niche, and have been testing unique strategies for lead generation.

Bro Bro's Plumbing

Bro Bro's Plumbing had a suspended Google My Business profile and I guided them through the reinstatement process. Unfortunately, I couldn't be more hands-on because of recent Google My Business policy changes.